See what our valued customers say about Storm Stoppers

“Listen to North Carolina customer’s experience after EF-02 Tornado touched down on September 5, 2019”


“You can trust the company owner to do what he says!”

Marty Downs of Kapaa, Kauai Hawaii. Testimonial.

“Storm Stoppers protected our home through the EF-02 Tornado (winds above 135 mph) on September 5, 2019.”

Richard Stanley of Calabash, North Carolina

“Storm Stoppers protected my home during a hail storm and tornado!”

Florene Deckard of Norman, Oklahoma

“I cut and installed Storm Stoppers myself!”

Vicki Vaughan of Oviedo, Florida

“Storm Stoppers are light and easy for us to put up ourselves!”

The Quinns of Barefoot Bay, Florida….Testimonials

“John, Just got around to installing my Storm Stoppers. Installed the shutters for my 8 windows on Sunday and did the caps today. Job went smoothly and my wife is very happy with the product Your instructions are spot on…no issues. Thank you.” Regards, Chuck

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Charles Hargreaves
Murrells Inlet, SC

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Val Candilasa
Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii

“Your window protection product worked great during Hurricane Douglas in July. They were easy to install under emergency conditions. While neighbors were lugging 5/8” heavy dilapidated plywood for hours and screwing it in…I just breezed thru installations in no time. Luckily hurricane Douglas passed north of us and we were in the weakest part of the storm. As a retired federal plastic fabricator, I’m very happy with my Storm Stoppers!”

“Hi John,
Just wanted to let you know that we put up the Storm Stoppers here on Kauai for Hurricane Douglas and they went up and came down very easily. Just finished putting the caps back on today. I look at this as a dry run for the day when we actually have one hit, and everything went smoothly. Great product!
Doug and Robin Shannon”

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Susan and Vince Baumstark
Port Orange, Florida

“I want to take the time to let you know that we are extremely pleased with; your timely initial call, prompt responses in all of our communications, speedy delivery, desire to demonstrate the installation procedures, precision, humor, the quality of your products, business ethics, and most of all your desire and intellect to invent this wonderful product!

I also wanted you to know that your previous customer, Geno Brown of Port Orange, whom performed our cutting and installation, exhibits all the qualities any business would desire. Geno takes great pride in his work, is dependable and punctual, is devoted to the quality of his work with great attention to detail, is truly interested in pleasing the customer, and presents with an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude towards life and even working in challenging weather.

You deserve a 5 star rating. Geno deserves a 5 star rating. Thank you so much for your business! We are passing on the good word about your Storm Stoppers product and service to many people.”